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The ConfirmAccount is a plug-in for MediaWikis forcing a potential user to fill in a form and the content will be sent to the administrator.

cd <wiki-directory>/extensions/
tar zxvf ../../ConfirmAccount-MW1.16-r62787.tar.gz 
cd ConfirmAccount/
vi ConfirmAccount.sql 
# Change the database in question using
# '':1,$s/\/\*\$wgDBprefix\*\//<database in question>./g''
# '':1,$s/TYPE=/ENGINE=/g''
mysql -h localhost -u root -p <database in question> <ConfirmAccount.sql
cd ../..
vi LocalSettings.php

In the LocalSettings.php insert these lines:

# Force a proper creation of user accounts - by KK 2011 02 21
$wgConfirmAccountContact = "";

Test, test and test.