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Eclipse lost its workspace

First start CentOS or the OS you prefer to run.

Next open a File manager or a console.

  • Using Dolphin:
    • Click on the map "workspaces".
    • Click on "Control" in the top menu and then click "Show hidden files".
    • You can now see ".metadata".
    • Delete ".metadata". and close the file manager.
  • Using a console:
    • cd to the workspace directory
    • ]$ rm -rf .metadata

Finally open Eclipse.

  • In the top menu choose the "File" drop down menu and there choose "Import".
  • You must now choose an import wizard. Select "Folder" and choose the only remaining option.
  • You must now find the directory of the workbench, click it once, and select "OK".
  • The Workbench will now be imported.

Thanks goes to student Samuel E16 for these instructions

The General look of Eclipse

The check-marks and radio-buttons can be hard to see in the standard way Eclipse and Centos 7 is configured. To improve this goto the Centos Settings app. Search for GTK in the search bar to the right. Click on the highlighted icon - at the time of writing it is called "Application Appearance".

Click on the GTK+ Appearance in the list to the left. Change the Widget style to Adwaita from oxygen-gtk or what ever it has been set to.

GTK Settings.png

Restart Eclipse in order to get the settings to work in Eclipse.

Make Tooltips Readable

Eclipse on some versions of Centos and Fedora Linux has a very dark background making it impossible to read the text. I think is is some kind of misinterpretation of the settings in KDE and GTK. This can be fixed.

First go to the menu Window -> Preferences

In there locate Appearance near the top of the selection list.

Click once on the Enable theming (on some versions of Linux KDE/GTK graphical interfaces the tick would not be visible, but is clicked all right) - in fact you're switching the GTK Theming off at this point.


The Theming is switched off in this picture.

So if you see this, it is in the correct setting.

Click Apply or OK.

Next close Eclipse.

Now goto System Settings in the Centos/Fedora menu. In the System settings locate the Colour settings - in Centos, i.e. older KDE versions it is in Application appearance - Find the tab name Colours and in the list select the Tooltip background. Change the colour to a lighter if it is black/dark. Also take a look at the Tooltip text colour setting.

Save and exit.

Restart your Centos/Fedora - or log out an log in once again.

Start eclipse and check that the tool tip is readable.