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Besides the specific pages for Centos and Fedora on this page there are links and hints for general Linux.

The GeekStuff is packed with hints and trix.

GHacks has a lot of trix at hand.

Bash One Liners is a fantastic place for bash trix in just one line.

Information at your fingertips using man

How to install an application for all users

Mount networkdrives when NetworkManager is ready

Here you can find a small utility for using the Logitech Unifying products on your favorite Linux.

How to switch off the touchpad while typing.

How to sync one directory on one machine to another

Fix a MatLab issue when it won't start from the program launcher.

Install Digilent Waveforms on your Fedora.

How to Reset lost root password.

Routing of IP packets is a common task for a Linux kernel.