How to build IoTivity on Centos

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From this page I've deducted what's needed to install IoTivity on Centos (7.4).

First a number of dependencies needs to be installed:

]$ sudo yum install git scons libtool autoconf valgrind doxygen wget \
   unzip boost-devel boost-program-options boost-thread uuid-devel \
   expat-devel glib2-devel libsqlite3x-devel libcurl-devel perl-CBOR-XS

Next get the sources. At time of writing this is the link to use, but it may change as time passes

Create a directory to work in and let everybody have access (not usually recommended, but for this quick hack it is OK)

]$ sudo mkdir /home/IoTivity
]$ sudo chmod 777 /home/IoTivity
]$ cd /home/IoTivity
]$ wget
]$ tar zxvf iotivity-1.3.0.tar.gz

Next dive into the iotivity directory and run scons

]$ cd iotivity-1.3.0
]$ scons

Scons makes some noise about a missing perl threading program that is needed, so clone it from github

]$ git clone extlibs/tinycbor/tinycbor -b v0.4.1