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Follow the instructions over on BBB New User - REMEMBER to set the passwords for your new user, the root user and the debian user. First then is your PocketBeagle (PB) secure.

Log out and re-login using your own login.

Creating Aliases

On Linux you can make aliases so a long command can be shortened to a few characters. For instance the command ll does not exist on most Linuxes, but the command ls -la give the expected result. Therefore we'll create a few handy aliases.

NOTE file with names starting with a dot (.) is hidden files and they will not show up in a list of the directory content using the ls command without special options. Therefor be careful below to get all the dot's (.) in the file names.

] $ vi .bash_aliases

put these lines into the file (press i to get into Insert mode):

alias vi='vim'
alias lt='ls -larth'
alias ll='ls -lah'

Hit Esc to get out of the insert mode. To save the file enter :wq which mean go into command mode, write and quit

In order to get the aliases active you'll have to logout or issue

] $ . .bashrc

the . is an alias of the command source and means read and execute whatever are in the file .bashrc