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Follow the instructions over on BBB New User - REMEMBER to set the passwords for your new user, the root user and the debian user. First then is your PocketBeagle (PB) secure.

Log out and re-login using your own login.

Creating Aliases

On Linux you can make aliases so a long command can be shortened to a few characters. For instance the command ll does not exist on most Linuxes, but the command ls -la give the expected result. Therefore we'll create a few handy aliases.

NOTE file with names starting with a dot (.) is hidden files and they will not show up in a list of the directory content using the ls command without special options. Therefor be careful below to get all the dot's (.) in the file names.

On your pocketbeagle or BBB enter this in your home directory:

] $ vi .bashrc

put these lines into the file (go to the end of the file if it exists then press i to get into Insert mode):

alias vi='vim'
alias lt='ls -larth'
alias ll='ls -lah'

Hit Esc to get out of the insert mode. To save the file enter :wq which mean go into command mode, write and quit

In order to get the aliases active you'll have to logout or issue

] $ . .bashrc

the . is an alias of the command source and means read and execute whatever are in the file .bashrc