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The instructions given over at Remote Debugging works fine for the PocketBeagle.

To find the gdbserver use these commands:

] $ cd /opt/toolchains/gnueabihf
] $ find . -name gdbserver

Allow root login

It can be handy to be able to develop on your development host and transfer the program to the PB, and debug or execute the programs on the PB. In order for this to happen a little change is needed. Debian distributions do - out of security reasons - not allow the user root to login over e.g. ssh. But this can be changed.

As root on the PB do:

] $ vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

add this line at the end of the file (navigate to the end using Shift+G in vi)

PermitRootLogin yes

save the configuration file and now the ssh-daemon needs to be restarted.

] $ systemctl restart sshd.service

Now you can configure a new connection on your Eclipse Remote Debugging setting page. This time the user is root and not your personal login.

Centos 8

In order to make compatibility between Centos 8 down to Centos 7 libraries this command shall be executed:

]$ sudo dnf install ncurses-compat-libs python2-2.7*