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ASE Herning programming StandardAndroid Development
Android Example CodeAtmel STK500 on LinuxAutomatic Linux Build System
BBB Backup your workBBB Cross CompilerBBB Customised prompt
BBB Developing Device DriversBBB Enabling PWMBBB First Boot
BBB Internet over the USB cableBBB Kernel ModulesBBB New Debian Image
BBB New UserBBB PRUBBB Remote Debugging
BBB Reverse SSH TunnellingBBB WebSocketsBBB WiFi
BBB Yocto ProjectBBB and OneWireBBB timezone
Backward compatibilityBeagleBoard-XMBeagleBone Black
BeagleBone BlueBoot partition is fullBuild a virtual server
Build script for EA distributionBuild uClinux for EA2478 BoardCCS
C / C++ Development on BrenCentosCentos 5.x Installed as a Virtual Machine
Centos 7 timeCitrix client on LinuxCommand line GDB
Conditional CompilingConfigure EA2478 BoardConfigure IP address on EA board
Configuring Java on Fedora/CentosConfirmAccount configurationCppunit
Default compilerDigilent WaveformsEEMB1
EWEB1EWEB2Eclipse display a problem with C++
Eclipse tooltipsEmbeded systems
Fail2ban and DenyhostsFedora
Fixing FirefoxFixing XauthorityFrom Source to Executable
General LinuxGeneral about WikiesGraphical overview
Graphical overview installationHBS1 software installationHandling virtual machines
How-to add a loadable module to the uClinuxHow-to add a user space application to uClinuxHow-to compile the Scull examples
How to build IoTivity on CentosHow to install an application for all usersHow to move your app to SD card
Install Eclipse CDTInstall UbootInstall YumEx
Install essential development utilitiesInstalling new softwareIoTivity
Klaus wiki:AboutKlaus wiki:General disclaimerKlaus wiki:Privacy policy
LaTeXLaTeX EditorsLaTeX Tips and hits
Linux at AU-HIHLinux hintsListings in Latex
Main PageManMatLab issue
MicroWin on EA boardMount networkdrives when NetworkManager is readyMounting an encrypted LVM
NFS mount on EA boardOmni Turris
PB:Create a userPB:Debug local and remotePB:Develop programs for the PB
PB:Download a suitable ImagePB:Enabling and disabling I/O
PB:Get an Internet connectionPB:Get in touchPB:Transfer of files to and from PB
PB:Working with the PRU'sPerformance and Analysis tools
PocketBeagleProgramming quotesProject Ideas
PuttyRemote debuggingRemote monitoring
Reset lost root passwordResizing you Virtual DiskRouting
ScreenCastsSerial communication from LinuxShare disk with virtual machine
Software-in-a-boxSoftware DevelopmentSource code syntaxhighlighter installation
SshfsSwitch off the HDMISwitch off the touchpad
Sync one directory on one machine to anotherSystemCTables in LaTex
Tag linesTelnetTest MySQL installation
TftpThreads in EclipseTweeking KDE4
UcommonUpdate Centos to version 7.6Upgrade Fedora
Useful backgroundsUsername does not appear on the logon screenUsing BibTex
Using git@schoolVi(m) cheat sheetVirtual Machine on Fedora
WebdavWiki hintsWiki setup
Wise WordsX2goYocto Project Build Instructions