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To enable telnet start

$ make menuconfig

select "Kernel/Library/Defaults selection" and press enter.

Next select Customise Vendor/User Settings. Press spacebar. Press tab and enter twice. Wait for the new menu to show up.

Select Busybox and press enter.

Check that there are stars next to "telenetd" and "telnetd:"; if not press spacebar when the item is selected.

Note: To remove the insecure telnet deamon remove the stars next to "telnetd[:]".

Press tab to select exit and press enter - do this twice and accept the final question.

Compile your project.

Copy your images to your tftpboot directory.

Boot the EA board and issue this command in your terminal connected to the board

# run tftp_boot

Provided you've set up the correct serverip in the environment your board should now download the freshly maked images and boot directly from them. (They will not be stored in the flash memory.)

Your board will boot with an IP address specified in uClinux-dist/romfs/etc/rc - defaults to You can change it here if you want another address to be used permanently, or you can issue

$ ifconfig eth0 <your selected IP address> up

You can now on your own computer start a telnet session (use putty on WinDoze or just telnet <IP-address> in the *nix world)

The available logins are shown in the "Getting started" guide section 11.4