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Sometimes switching to a new operating system such as switching from e.g. Window to Linux can be a scary experience. But don't worry Linux isn't that dangerous.

Most management can be done using you mouse just as in Windows. But if you want to do things quick and without the interruption of locating the mouse on the table, then locating the pointer thing on the screen, locating the correct icon to click on and waiting for some heavy graphical utility to load and draw all the fine graphics on the screen there is another way: The command line!

And, by the way, most of the graphical programs is just a shell on top of a commandline program.

On the commandline you can execute a lot of small quick utility programs. The utility programs can do all the same as the graphical programs and often more. But you have to learn the commands to know.

One way of learning the is to set a desktop background image with the most used commands. The you have the information right under you fingertips.

On the desktop surface right-click and choose Default Desktop Settings


Upload an image to the desktop and select it.

Be sure to select the Scaled, keep proportions choice otherwise your picture may look a bit weird.


Search the internet for Linux cheat sheet or just use this


(download it to your computer and browse for it in the desktop settings.)


The actual desktop with the cheat sheet mentioned above.