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By using BibTex you can store all your references in one database for later use in your documents. This eliminates the manual work of creating the records in each paper or report you write. In this Wikibook there is a short introduction to references and BibTex.

Very often when you download a paper from eg. AMC or IEEE there is a BibTex record available. Copy this record into your BibTex database. I use KBibTex, but there are probably many other tools making the management of the BibTex database convenient.

In your paper use these lines near the end of your document (before \end{document}) to include the BibTex database:


if your database is placed in a directory, bibtex, above current directory and is called research.

You may have to run LaTex a souple of times in order for BibTex to produce the desired output for LaTex. Otherwise run the BibTex command alone once. That should produce the correct input to LaTex.