Automatic Linux Build System

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An idea came up:

An Embedded Linux Distribution Builder

Setting up the basic Linux and tools for a specific hardware platform can be a tedious task, even using the already existing menuconfig. menuconfig is a console based menudriven system configuration tool that produces all the necessary makefiles and other settings in order to build a specific target.

In order to ease the configuration process a tool may be developed. The purpose of the tool is to present the user all the choices in the correct order in order to solve all constraints that is often found implicit in the menuconfig and the accompanying software. The tool may start is work or during the users selection by analysing specification files, make files, etc. in order to determine the correct mix of settings and included software, enabling the user to select the proper hardware platform and afterwards presenting the possibilities with the selected platform.

Graph theory may be used in order to solve the multiple paths reading the configuration files may result in. Martin Olesen may be a good researcher to add to this project.