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Find below my experiences with the BeagleBone Black (BBB) revision 3.

  • At BBB First Boot you can read about the first boot of the BeagleBone Black
  • Add a BBB New User on your BBB
  • Getting BBB Internet over the USB cable
  • Set your BBB timezone to match your local timezone
  • I talk about adding a WiFi adapter over at BBB WiFi
  • Customising your prompt. Look over at BBB Customised prompt
  • The Yocto Project will enable you to build your own distribution for the BBB. See BBB Yocto Project for further details.
  • Cross compilations means that you develop software on one type of CPU architecture, e.g. Intel X86_64, for execution on another architecture, e.g. the ARM architecture. Se BBB Cross Compiler for more.
  • Having developed a program on the laptop it would be nice to be able to execute it on the BBB and debug it. See BBB Remote Debugging for details about this.
  • Enabling peripheral devices like the OneWire is relatively easy. See BBB and OneWire for further details.
  • Thoughts on enabling PWM can be found over at BBB Enabling PWM
  • Linux software is under constant update. If not the kernel, then other utilities are updated either to improve the existing functionality, to remove bugs or to give even more functionality. Jump to BBB New Debian Image if you would like to run on a new image.
  • Working on bren for development but debugging the BBB next to you is possible, see BBB Reverse SSH Tunnelling
  • Over at BBB Developing Device Drivers there are some words about device driver development.
  • BBB WebSockets are relatively easy to implement in a C or C++ program if you are in need of transporting data between the BBB and a web client.
  • Over at BBB Kernel Modules I discuss different aspects of extending the kernel by developing a specific device driver.
  • Real men don't backup! They occasionally cry. The rest of us makes regular backups. Take a look at BBB Backup your work
  • A quite comprehensive C++ Library for the BBB is available over at BlackLib
  • Using the PRU's? Take a look over at BBB PRU
  • Sometimes you don't need the HDMI, so you can Switch off the HDMI and thereby free a lot of IO pins for other purposes
  • Remote monitoring of ethernet traffic using Wireshark
  • BBB as an Access Point
  • Realtime programming in C and Assembler is done in the CCS