Build uClinux for EA2478 Board

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Just a mini howto:

Make a xen-virtualised Centos.

Install development tools

yum groupinstall "development tools"
yum install ncurses-devel

Create /home/emb/eadisk

Copy the extra directory on the EA DVD to /home/emb/eadisk

ln -s eadisk/extra/* .
tar zxvf uClinux-dist-20070130.tar.gz
cd uClinux-dist
rm -rf linux-2.*
tar zxvf ../linux-2.6.21.tar.gz
mv linux-2.6.21/ linux-2.6.x
gunzip -c ../ea-v3_1_incr1.diff.gz | patch -p1
tar zxvf ../arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz
make menuconfig