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Over at Texas Instruments, TI for short, you can find their CCS (Code Composer Studio). Get the newest version. At time of writing 7.4.something was out.

Download the on-line installer for Linux.

When the download is complete execute

$] tar zxvf ccs<version>_web_linux-x64.tar.gz

you should now have a README_FIRST.txt - do read that file.

Next execute the ccs_setup_linux64_7.4.0.00015.bin

$] ./ccs_setup_linux64_7.4.0.00015.bin

After a little while you should see something like this:


accept the license and click Next


Choose your preferred installation path and click Next


Select the SItara processor - the one on BBB and click Next a few times more.

The installer work for qiute a long time downloading Eclipse and much other stuff. Be patient it will eventually complete.

Start the application - maybe you need an entry in your menu or you can use a path similar to this: /home/klaus/ti/ccsv7/eclipse/ccstudio

Maybe you software needs to be updated on the first launch - do that in order to have the most resent version installed.