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Follow this guide to install u-boot for your embedded device.

$ cd /home/emb
$ tar xjvf u-boot-1.1.6.tar.bz2
$ cd u-boot-1.1.6
$ # May not be necessary: gunzip -c ../u-boot-1.1.6-ea_v1_9_0.diff.gz |patch -p1
$ gunzip -c ../u-boot-1.1.6-ea_v1_9_1.diff.gz| patch -p1
$ gunzip -c ../u-boot-1.1.6-ea_v1_9_1_incr1.diff.gz | patch -p1
$ gunzip -c ../u-boot-1.1.6-ea_v1_9_1_incr2.diff.gz | patch -p1
$ make LPC2478OEM_Board_32bit_config # or  make LPC2478OEM_Board_16bit_config if that's the one you've got.
                                     # or  make LPC2478OEM_Board_16bit_48MHz_config if you're using sd-ram (or if linux is unstable and hard to boot).
$ make
$ /home/emb/uClinux-dist/usr/local/bin/arm-linux-objcopy -I binary -O ihex u-boot.bin u-boot.hex

If you were in the middle of compiling your kernel return to the kernel configuration. Build uClinux for EA2478 Board