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Warning: As a Fedora Ambassador to Denmark the following is based on my experience with that specific distribution in the AU-HIH network. And because Redhat and the free down stream derivative, Centos, is based on Fedora development the instructions below also fits into those distributions. If you run another distribution you can probably get inspired from my notes, but have to fit to your distributions specifics.

Mount shares

First install the CIFS libraries:

...]$ su -
...]$ yum install cifs-utils
...]$ <CTRL-D> # logout from root

Create mount points:

...]$ cd # Bring you to your home directory
...]$ mkdir mounts
...]$ cd mounts
...]$ mkdir p r s t

To let the system mount automatically create a file, .smbpw, in your home dir

...]$ cd
...]$ vi .smbpw
# add these two lines:
username=<your login>
password=<your AU-HIH password>

In /etc/fstab add these lines:

//data01/private$/klausk        /home/klausk/mounts/p   cifs    credentials=/home/klausk/.smbpw,uid=klausk,gid=klausk   0
//data01/opg_ind        /home/klausk/mounts/r   cifs    credentials=/home/klausk/.smbpw,uid=klausk,gid=klausk   0       0
//data01/opg_ud         /home/klausk/mounts/t   cifs    credentials=/home/klausk/.smbpw,uid=klausk,gid=klausk   0       0
//data01/faelles        /home/klausk/mounts/s   cifs    credentials=/home/klausk/.smbpw,uid=klausk,gid=klausk   0       0

where you change /home/klausk with your home dir ( In vi issue: :1,$s/\/home\/klausk/<your path>/g - remember to escape / with \/ :-) ) and change the uid and gid likewise.

Try to mount your drives:

...]$ sudo mount -a # if you have configured sudo to let you run with root priviliges otherwise first su - to root
...]$ #show mounts
...]$ mount

check that your mounts shows up - if not try to use the mount command with verbose/debug information (see man mount to find the switch, that will help you).

When it works correctly, try to reboot your computer. After login you should see that the mounts has been mounted during the boot process.


Evolution should do it, but I've never succeeded. But recently the protocol specification for Exchange has been made public, so in a few moths or years time native connectors to Exchange may become available. Till then I'll use the Citrix and Android/Google way described below..

The Android can synchronise with Exchange, but I do not trust it. So I found another way by forwarding all invitations to a gmail account. I forward all my invitations to a specific gmail account, which I share to my primary gmail account. In this way I get all the invitations on my Android/Google Calendar and can still have separate work related and private calendars in one.

For mail unfortunately IMAP is not available on the AU-HIH Exchange server, but POP should be open AFAIK.

On the Campus

While on AU-HIH fire up your browser and aim at: http://citrix

But before you can fire up Outlook or other stuff from the Citrix server you need to install some Linux Client software from Citrix. I've found one at Linux Client Software. Follow the instructions given and/or look here Citrix client on Linux

After installation you can run Citrix clients - hopefully.

I found that the Citrix client, the newest Office or something else annoyed me: I have to press certain keys twice before fx. Outlook accepts Ctrl-Enter, arrow key and the like. Hence I use the 2003 Office and Outlook, which do not have this odd behaviour.

Outside Campus

You should be able to use remote access - I've never gotten that to work :-(


Use the Printing utility to add a new printer.

Wireless Network



At AU-HIH your are required to change your password regularly, and hence you have to change it in the .smbpw file mentioned under mounting and in your printing dialog.

A LDAP server should be operating in the network, but I've never spent time to test it. If you have the time and get it to work please send me a note.