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Comparing two files

In general comparing two files can be done like this:

diff <firstfile> <secondfile>

or using vim

vim -d <firstfile> <secondfile>

To compare two files of which one resides on another system issue this command:

vim -d <firstfile> scp://<remote-system>//<path-to-file>/<secondfile>

To compare two files both resident on different systems issue this command:

vim -d scp://<first-remote-system>//<path-to-file>/<firstfile> scp://<second_remote-system>//<path-to-file>/<secondfile>

where <remote-system> is either the IP address or its hostname including domain as in - if using a different username than the one you're logged in with on current system use <username>@<remote-system>


After updating the free-nx server it might be necessary to run

nxsetup --install

to reinstall the configuration.