NFS mount on EA board

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Exporting a directory from the development host and mounting this directory eases the development process.

In /etc/exports add this line

directory hostname(options)

where directory is the directory you want to export to the net and the hostname is for instance an IP address of your EA board. The options can be rw,sync.



And every time you have changed in /etc/exports then you have to reload nfs service.

/sbin/service nfs reload

Configure the firewall to allow NFS traffic to come through


Select Customize and set a star in the NFS4 field.

On the EA board issue this command:

mount -t nfs -o <options> < source host>:< source export directory> <destination directory>

where the < source host> can be an IP address, the < source directory> is the directory that was exported from the development host and <destination directory> is the directory on where the exported directory shall be mounted.