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PRU is the Programmable Realtime Unit of which there are two on the Beagleboards.

The PRU's are built into the main processor chip and allows us to develop hard realtime solutions. Hard realtime solutions is characterised by determinism and that they can meet a deadline in any situation.

But the PRU's are not easily put into work. There are some obstacles that must be dealt with before seeing the realtime solutions running.

Here is a collection of link to information about working with the PRU's. All it takes is to put the gathered information together to get at complete picture.

The most problematic about the information you'll find on the Internet is that it often relates to very specific hardware (BegaleBone Black, BeagleBone Green, PocketBeagle, etc) and/or specific software versions including Linux distributions. Therefore check carefully if the information will match your current Linux verison, Device Tree Overlay, pinouts and so on before launching a longer process of trying to get an example to work. You'll have to put the pieces of information together in order to solve a problem using the PRU's.

  • This is the PocketBeagle site
  • Chapter 6.7 in this talks about the PRU's and the PocketBeagle
  • TI has a pages about the PRU's over at this site
  • Kenn Schirriffs blog with the blinking LED
  • Also Kenn writes over at about PRU tips: Understanding the BeagleBone's built-in microcontrollers
  • This is a "Hello World" for PRU's
  • Element 14 also writes about the PRU's.
  • This page amongst other things contains a lot of links to valuable information as well as instructions how to get a simple program up running
  • Also take a look over at this site for some information.