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PocketBeagle (PB) is a low cost BeagleBone black, where the graphics, ethernet, USB host and a few other items has been taken out of the design, hence it is ideal for IoT solutions, and as a learning platform for Linux and hardware close programming.

Find below a step by step introduction to the different, and necessary steps, to get a brand new PocketBeagle up running.

  1. PB:Download a suitable Image
  2. PB:Get in touch with the PB
  3. PB:Create a user
  4. PB:Get an Internet connection
  5. PB:Enabling and disabling I/O
  6. PB:Develop programs for the PB
  7. PB:Debug local and remote
  8. PB:Working with the PRU's
  9. PB:Transfer of files to and from PB

Other tips and trix

  1. Expand your file system on the SD-card

More to come...