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This page is an overview of tips and trix for using the Software-in-a-box package. The Software-in-a-box package is a virtualbox pc running Centos 7.x Linux and installed with Eclipse and the necessary development tools for the courses: E1GPR1, E2GPR2, E3ISD1 and E4ISD2.

  • How to share the host laptops disk with the virtual machine? Jump over to this page
  • You will find a few tips to configure your Centos and Eclipse in order to get it to work.
  • For the ASE Herning programming Standard use this file File:ASE Herning Programming Standard.xml (right click in order to save the file) to quick format (Ctrl+Shift+F) in Eclipse. Import the file in Menu: Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Code Style
  • Using the vi or vim (Vi IMproved) editor is a useful knowledge to get, because vi or vim is practically always present on any Linux distribution. In order to improve the general experience of vi(m) find a .vimrc file over at github. Download the basic.vim an put it into ~/.vimrc and your vi(m) will all of a sudden be more friendly to use.
  • Sometimes you just cant get enough and need to resize you virtual machines harddisk. The harddisk is just a file residing on your host system. Jump to Resizing you Virtual Disk to see how this can be done.

More to come...send me your tips to kko at ase dot au dot dk