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This page is an overview of tips and trix for using the Software-in-a-box package. The Software-in-a-box package is a virtualbox pc running Centos 7.x Linux and installed with Eclipse and the necessary development tools for the courses: E1GPR1, E2GPR2, E3ISD1 and E4ISD2.

  • Using the vi or vim (Vi IMproved) editor is a useful knowledge to get, because vi or vim is practically always present on any Linux distribution. In order to improve the general experience of vi(m) find a .vimrc file over at github. Download the basic.vim an put it into ~/.vimrc and your vi(m) will all of a sudden be more friendly to use.
  • Sometimes you just cant get enough and need to resize you virtual machines harddisk. The harddisk is just a file residing on your host system. Jump to Resizing you Virtual Disk to see how this can be done.
  • Installing new software on your Centos helps you to keep you software up to date and install new packages on your development host.
  • Useful backgrounds on your desktop - put some useful commands on the desktop background, so you'll have them available when needed.
  • You will find a few tips over on Eclipse tooltips how to configure your Centos and Eclipse in order to get it to work.
  • Stack Overflow is probably the most used forum for getting knowledge and understanding of problems, that one do not understand. Over at RIP Tutorial you'll find a wealth of problems, and their solution. There are compiled e-books covering almost every aspect of programming problems.

More to come...send me your tips to kko at ase dot au dot dk