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SSHFS is a file system, that works over a SSH tunnel.

In order to mount a remote file system (e.g. from your development host) on your local account on the main host (bren) issue these commands:

$ ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ username@host
$ mkdir <-p> <mountpoint>
$ sshfs <username>@<hostip>:/home <mountpoint>

where the ssh-copy-id copies your public ssh-key to the remote host and where ~/.ssh/ is where your ssh keys resides. If there are no you should generate a pair of keys:

$ ssh-keygen

just hit enter to all prompts.

Then you shall create the mountpoint - that is the directory on where you will mount the remote filesystem. The -p creates all directories if they do not exists.

Finally issue the sshfs command to mount the remote file system on the mountpoint.