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The ucommon library and accompanying source enables amongst other things threading like POSSIX pthreads in C++ programs.

Except from the heading of the documentation:

"A portable C++ threading library for embedded applications. GNU uCommon C++ is meant as a very light-weight library to facilitate using C++ design patterns even for very deeply embedded applications, such as for systems using uclibc along with posix threading support. For this reason, uCommon disables language features that consume memory or introduce runtime overhead, such as rtti and exception handling, and assumes one will mostly be linking applications with other pure C based libraries rather than using the overhead of the standard C++ library and other class frameworks."


On your development host install the ucommon by issuing theses commands as root:

root ]$ yum install ucommon ucommon-devel ucommon-doc


Establish a small test project from where you can prototype a solutions with the correct settings.

Remember to add the ucommon library to your link command ( -lucoomon in the make file or in Eclipse Project->Preferences->C/C++ Build->GCC C++ Linker->Libraries add ucommon in the libraries window).

Source and Documentation

Documentation can be found by following the link.

Source code ban be downloaded by following the link.