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git is available for you to store and share your projects.

The is a local git-server - a virtual machine running on top of bren. It is known on bren.

User creation

Note:The following instructions requires you to perform them on bren, i.e. log-in to bren.

In order to be able to store projects on git-server you need to be created on the server.

If you haven't done it already, you have to create a ssh key-pair - see Linux hints how to create your ssh key-pair.

Next issue this command:

$ cd /home/git-server
$ mkdir <your username>
$ chmod 700 <your username>
$ cd <your username>
$ cp ~/.ssh/ <your username>.pub
$ vi projectname

For every <your username> you will of-course put in your login on bren.

when the editor opens add these lines:

repo <your reponame>
 RW = <list of logins that shall have read and write access>

following the rules as pointed out on this configuraiton page and its subpages.

You can add several usernames if needed - you should just provide one file per username in the same directory.

Finally you write a mail to klausk (at) iha [dot] dk asking to have the entries created on the git-server. When you receive an email back everything should be working.

Create the remote project

On bren create a project directory in your home directory or below that.

cd into the directory.


$ git init
$ touch afile
$ git add afile
$ git commit -m 'a message'

Now you have an empty git repository containing one empty file - afile.

To push the project onto the git-server issue:

$ git remote add origin git@git-server:<your-projectname>
$ git push origin master
If no errors your project is now master on the git-server and you can push changes or pull earlier versions.