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git is available for you to store and share your projects.

The is a local git-server - a virtual machine running on top of bren. It is known on bren.

User creation

We're using gitolite (see here) for further details.

The is a page instructing how to access the git-server here. Do also read the fine detailed instructions just below here.

Users from bren

Note:The following instructions requires you to perform them on bren, i.e. log-in to bren.

In order to be able to store projects on git-server you need to be created on the server.

If you haven't done it already, you have to create a ssh key-pair - see Linux hints how to create your ssh key-pair.

Next issue this command:

$ cd /home/git-server
$ mkdir <your username>
$ chmod 700 <your username>
$ cd <your username>
$ cp ~/.ssh/ <your username>.pub

Users from your devhost

Your public ssh-key on your devhost can be used for accessing git-server as explained above for bren. Prepare one if you haven't done that already.

$ scp ~/.ssh/ <your-username><your-bren-username>/<your-devhost-username>@<hostname-for-your-devhost>.pub


[klausk@klaus-centos5 ~]$ scp .ssh/`hostname`.pub

The `hostname` is a program that executes and returns the local hostname on stdout and is put into the text, so the line on my devhost expands to

Users from a Windows git program

Find the public key in the program and prepare a public keyfile as described under Putty

Use the same naming convension as described above for devhost - be sure to edit the file as described [here].

Prepare a project repository

$ vi projectname

For every <your username> you will of-course put in your login on bren.

when the editor opens add these lines:

repo <your reponame>
    RW+ = <list of users that shall have read, write and ''add new files access''>
    RW  = <list of logins that shall have read and write access>
    R   = <list of logins that shall have read access>

following the rules as pointed out on this page.

If your user name on the different machines you use are not the same be sure to add all your user names.

NOTE: Be sure to follow the edit rules with the repo name and on the immediate next line(s) the access indented as shown above - no empty lines between repo name and the users

You can add several usernames if needed - you should just provide one file per username in the same directory.

Finally you write a mail to klausk (at) iha [dot] dk asking to have the entries created on the git-server. When you receive an email back everything should be working.

Create the remote project

On bren create a project directory in your home directory or below that.

cd into the directory.


$ git init
$ touch afile
$ git add afile
$ git commit -m 'a message'

Now you have an empty git repository containing one empty file - afile.

To push the project onto the git-server issue:

$ git remote add origin git@git-server:<your-projectname>
$ git push origin master

If no errors your project is now master on the git-server and you can push changes or pull earlier versions.