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This page collects the differences between BeagleBone Black and Blue. So a lot of the documentation I've made available on the BeagleBone Black page are still valid.

  • Eager to get your new device up running? Jump to this page to get a jump start.
  • Get an image onto your SD card is a prefereable way of working with BBB's, beacuse if you crash the image you can just download a fresh one. If you crash the built-in MMC storage the process of getting an image up running is a bit more complicated. Jump to this page to download the lates IoT image.
  • Here's a Youtube video introducing the PRU's on the BBBlue - which also are on the BBBlack, the PRU's that is. Tech talk (PRU is two 32bit RISC Programable Realtime Units that resides next to the ARM processor and with fast access to some of the IO - two Arduino on steroids. 32 bit clocking 200 MHz for ultra fast output control.)