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Often one might want to copy some files from the BeagleBoard to the development host. If you are using the Centos Development host there are two solutions to the problem:

Pack before copying

Often it is a good idea to pack the files into one package before copying.

There are several options here: tar and gzip just to mention a few.

] $ tar czvf <archivename>.tgz <file(s)>

Copying initiated at PocketBeagle

First you have to ensure that the firewall on the development host allows trafic on port 22 (the SSH port). Open the firewall application from the menu and check that ssh is ticked. Check that you have a tick both in Runtime and Permanent settings.


Next thing to check is if the sshd is running.

] $ sudo systemctl status sshd.service

If it is not enabled and running issue the commands shown below:

Enabling sshd.png

Now the scp command can be used to copy files from PocketBeagle to Development host.

] $ scp <sourcefile(s)> <user>@<ip address>:<destination path>

where <sourcefile(s)> are the files that you want to be copied to the development host. <user> is the user name on the development host, <ip address> is the IP address of the development host, typically or and <destiantion path> is the path on the development host where the file(s) shall be delivered to.

Copying initiated at the Development Host

If you have an archive made on the PocketBeagle then you can get it without any troubles directly from the Development Host by issuing:

] $ scp <user>@<ip address>:<path>/<filename> .

and the file will be dropped in current directory (.).

Final Notes

Remember the scp command can be used to copy files from anywhere to anywhere. Do have a look in the man pages for scp.